Landing Cheap Hotels in Milan in 3 Simple Steps

Milan is indeed a fascinating city — where gorgeous old-world architecture stands side by side to sleek and modern sky-scrapers; and the fast-paced fashion scene go hand in hand with quaint, laid-back road side cafes. It is no wonder then that it has established itself as one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world as this heady mix is sure to intoxicate any travel enthusiast.

The bad news is that a trip to the fashion capital of the world comes at a price, and a steep one at that! Being a popular haunt for celebrities and big-wigs of the business world, the city enjoys a high standard of living. So unfortunately the rates charged by hotels in Milan are pretty much on the higher side. Not to worry though as this article charts out for you 3 easy steps to be followed to find some really cheap hotels in Milan.

  1. Keep your dates flexible: Milan is not just a popular destination for tourists but also is a favoured place to hold conventions, trade-fairs and high profile fashion shows. And on such days, due to the sudden increase in demand for temporary accommodation, the rates for hotel rooms in the city suddenly sky rocket. You have to especially remember to avoid planning your holiday in March as that is when the hotels in Milan are the busiest due to the Milan Fashion Week. If you choose your dates wisely you could end up saving up to 50 percent on the hotel tariffs.
  2. Book online and ahead of time: As it is with any destination, the earlier you book your hotel room in Milan, better the discount you will be offered. If possible plan your trip as much as three months in advance. Another way to ensure getting the best deal is to avail the services of one the several websites available today that allow you to compare rates of hotels in Milan at the click of a button. You will be amazed at how much you could save by booking through these websites rather than walking in straight to the hotel without a reservation. You will also the advantage of being aware of all the options available so that you can select the best one suitable to you. Do a search on hotels in the Brera and Isola area. If you are early you might get some good deals on budget hotels there. But for the last minute traveller the Fiero Di Milano district is the way to go as it features the cheapest hotels.
  3. Look beyond the traditional hotel: If you dig a little deeper you will find that there are many alternatives to the traditional hotel. You could try out one of the many family owned hotels in Milan. They may be smaller in size but are definitely easier on the wallet. There hotels come with its own charm and having fewer guests, they can also afford give you a more personalised service. Another idea is to check out the youth-hostels. They are always a saviour for the budget-traveller. Piero Rotta is a popular youth hostel that offers basic, clean rooms. But be warned that they get booked fast.

So you see, finding cheap hotels in Milan is as simple as 1-2-3. No need to spend months and months saving up your Euros. Follow these and you enjoy that dream vacation to the Milan right now.