Cheap Hotels Near Cedar Point – A Helpful Guide

Are you planning to go Cedar Point any time soon? For sure, you’ve already settled the tickets but have you considered a place to stay? Unless you have a relative who lives nearby, you have a problem. Most inns around the park are expensive especially during peak season. So, what’s the key to finding cheap hotels near Cedar Point? Simple! Plan in advance!

If you want something fancy, then you might be forced to pay a bit more. If you’re just looking for lodging for the night to rest after your day, there are a ton of motels you can stay at which will feel like home. The best part about this is that, they’re not so far from the park. Some of them might even have free shuttle services to Cedar Point. So, that’s your first move. Look for motels around the vicinity of the amusement park through internet map site.

Once you have created a list, visit them one by one to learn about their rates and amenities. These will all be accessible through the web. Majority of these would be between two to four stars. Things you have to look out for are free parking, free breakfast, shuttle services and even WiFi. Also, if you wish to bring your pets along, some motels would be happy enough to welcome them.

Next is the booking process. If you have found a place that tickles your fancy, don’t book by phone or by agent. Do it online. You will see that by doing this, you’ll receive at least 20% discount with the total accommodation fees. You should also try to look if the motel has a vacation package. That will help you save further.

If you are looking for an affordable place to stay, one of the nearest and best choices are the Best Western Red Coach Inn and the Days Inn Newton. However, if you are willing to pay a little bit more, you can stay at the Grand Central Hotel and Grill and have a fantastic meal there as well. Or you can also opt to stay at Country Haven Inn for a simple but nice lodging. These hotels near Cedar Point are almost always fully booked every year, especially during peak season, so make sure that you make your reservations early to secure your rooms before your travel period.

Now that you have a good place to stay at, you should now start looking for other Cedar Point discounts, for these will save you and your wallet inside the park.